My whole life I’ve been a creator. I define a creator as someone that is not only creative and imaginative, but derives fulfillment from actually making things that go out into the world to help others. Even if just one person can say that something I made has made their day better, even if just for a moment, it’s worth it.

Creating useful, delightful things is my way of making the world a better place.


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Nineteen years ago, I bought my first HTML book from a used book store, went home, booted up my Windows 95 HP PC, opened up Notepad, and started learning how to build my first website. I was instantly addicted to learning more about technology and how to translate my artistic sensibilities to designs for this new age of the Internet.

Fast-forward to present day: I’ve grown up with the technology, have watched it evolve over the last two decades, and have been a part of it every step of the way. My time is spent learning more every day–about design, new technologies, UX leadership, research methods, and usability of digital products.

Over time, I’ve learned from those smarter than me the difference between art versus design and the value of empathy in design. Design solves a problem, art is exploratory and expressive. Solving problems requires empathy, research, exploration, ideation, and an end product to be tested. Without empathy and insight, design becomes art: A pretty picture that doesn't solve a problem.

I am not an artist, I am a designer. Give me a problem, and I’ll work with my team to find the right solution using empathy and user insight.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.
— Steve Jobs

Case Studies


Leading the Charge to Responsive Design

American’s main challenge was how to transition to a new brand identity in the digital space and implement better mobile solutions. I took on the challenge of proving responsive design to bring American Airlines to the front of web technology while translating the new brand identity to our consumer facing websites.

Building A Customer Journey to Inspire Digital Transformation

Cosmoprof Beauty Supply was looking for change. They were working on a website overhaul and exploring some digital solutions to improve their customer experience, but they found a lack in real customer insight. Building a customer journey based on research would give them the insights they needed to focus on to achieve their goals.

A Complete Site Overhaul to Build An Engaged User Community

Explosm contacted me with what sounded like a simple request at first: “We need a website redesign.” After a deeper dive into what the business was wrestling with, we found that a website redesign was just the surface. The team wanted to bring people back from Facebook to interact with their content. Together, we achieved those goals and more with a great positive impact for their website

What People Are Saying

UX Strategy - check. Design savvy - check. Collaborative - check. Smart and funny - check, check. Mike is the guy you want on your team because you know he will make the thinking better, turn out stellar work and make you think it was easy the whole way through. I appreciate his willingness and passion to go deep into a project and think through the customer’s mindset and actions to better map a meaningful and intentional experience. Genius.
— Rachel DeFriend, Customer Experience Lead
Mike is fantastic to work with. It is very important to him to create quality work and solid recommendations grounded in best practices and research. Because of that, I know any project with Mike will be collaborative, well thought out and strategic. He is always additive to the team, willing to bring a challenge and a practical solution, to whats happening. Having Mike on my client team has been great!
— Deseree DeZalia, Digital Ecosystem and Channel Marketing

Who is Mike?

When I’m not working on design, I’m making or doing other things! I’ve been a musician for 16 years and have performed with a local Dallas group for the last 9 years. You’ll also find me at local rock shows in Deep Ellum or dancing lindyhop at local jazz bars and venues. I’m also an avid traveler, I try to see a few new places every year and go overseas at least once a year.

I do still enjoy designing in my free time as well. I’m currently working on an original digital product idea with about 2 more personal projects in the pipeline!


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