Below are a few examples of projects that I'm proud to have worked on, from leading Design Sprints, presenting strategy work to executive leadership, and talking to customers to create human-centered solutions.

Serving small businesses with a brand new offering

For a legacy company, launching new things is hard. Modern software solutions requires being able to move quickly and create customer value as fast as possible. Learn how I led my team to design the MVP for a new insurance offering and build a multi-million dollar revenue stream.

Smart home, smarter insurance

Water damage is expensive for both the customer and the homeowners insurance claims business. See how I leveraged innovation sprints with my team to prototype and test the minimum-viable-experience to help members save their homes and their money.

Stylist-driven digital strategy

CosmoProf Beauty Supply was looking for a change. They were working on a mobile-friendly e-commerce overhaul and exploring some digital solutions to improve their stylist experience, but they found a lack in deep customer insight. I pitched an on-the-ground research effort to help the business create a stylist-centered digital strategy.