A little about me

I’m a product designer living and working from Dallas, TX. When I’m not advocating for customer needs, making products come alive, or facilitating Design Sprints with my teams, I’m traveling with my wife, writing music, and keeping a 1982 Delorean running.

As a seasoned UX and digital product designer who has worked across a variety of industries since 2011, I bring 13+ years of experience creating solutions that empower growth by meeting customer needs.

I’m a proactive team player with a get-stuff-done attitude. Throughout my career I’ve demonstrated an ability to work on diverse teams and build collaborative relationships across timezones, countries, and oceans.

Lastly, I have deep experience working cross-functionally with various teams, including product, marketing, development, sales, and research, making it easy to bring functions together to deliver on common goals.

What inspires me

  • Finding and trying new products in the wild
  • Facilitating Design Sprints (and other methods) with diverse teams to solve problems
  • Seeing my teammates grow
  • Bringing concepts to life from a hastily scribbled sticky note
  • Team experimentation and finding what works
  • #UXDesign
  • #CustomerResearch
  • #DesignSprints
  • #HumanCenteredDesignPractices
  • #B2CProductDevelopment

If customers don’t like or need your product, who cares if you did it within budget and on time?


Values and Strengths

I’m a curious, multi-passionate, and open-minded person with an entrepreneurial spirit that drives me to continuously learn, challenge myself, and seek novel ways to solve all kinds of problems around me.
I believe that growth and inspiration are a result of healthy challenge, partnership, and vision.

I am:
  • Empathetic
  • An active listener
  • Curious
  • Autonomous as needed
  • A team player

Core competencies

  • B2C applications
  • Customer discovery and research
  • Workshop design and facilitation
  • UX design
  • Product design
  • Mobile and responsive design
  • Design systems
  • Design team enablement and support

Noteworthy skills

Product Lifecycle

Leading customer need discovery, ideation, and concepting to build, launch, and monitoring.

Design Process

Driving the end-to-end design process from requirements research, ideation, and prototyping.

Customer Discovery

Connecting with customers through interviews, surveys, and concept testing.

User Testing

Leveraging digital testing tools like UserZoom for user experience optimization.

Group Facilitation

Organizing workshops, including Design Sprints, to bring teams together to solve problems.

Distributed and Remote

Building relationships with teams across timezones and oceans. Demonstrated success collaborating from anywhere.

We'd make a good fit if you are...

  • Seeking to create a new product or significantly improve an existing product
  • Looking for a strategic design partner who brings a point-of-view to the table alongside product and engineering
  • Maturing and scaling your design practice and need help with next steps

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