Building a Research-Based Customer Journey for Digital Transformation

  Sensitive client information obscured for privacy. Final design outputs created by Jason Hershey.

Sensitive client information obscured for privacy. Final design outputs created by Jason Hershey.



Cosmoprof Beauty Supply was looking for change. They were working on a website overhaul and exploring some digital solutions to improve their customer experience, but they found a lack in real customer insight. Building a customer journey based on research would give them the insights they needed to focus on to achieve their goals.

Know Thy Customer (And Business)


Performing research is critical to any project intending to affect change in the marketplace. Having no user insight can critically hinder innovation, strategy, and business growth.

My partners and I interviewed leaders within the company, visited stores, interviewed clients, and some themes began to emerge for us to start piecing together our customer journey. We documented our interviews and findings in a collaborative spreadsheet that we used as the basis for creating our journey outline.


Organize Feedback and Identify Themes

We performed a post-up exercise to highlight patterns from our customer insights. We grouped feedback by assumptions, direct feedback from interviews, and future state asks from the business. From these themes we were able to build begin concepting a visual structure for the customer journey map.



Working with my team members, we brainstormed ways to translate our customer feedback about pain points, efficiencies, and choices into visual shapes to help us illustrate our final customer journey. I performed a competitive analysis as well inspire our thinking and exploration based on good examples of customer journeys that resulted in positive change.




Sensitive client information obscured for privacy.

Client Presentation

The final customer journey map was presented to the client. The client admitted to questioning the value of this effort at the beginning, but was fully convinced after seeing the final results. The leadership team began to immediately re-prioritize efforts after seeing the data and responses we had collected from both internal stakeholders and actual customers. CosmoProf is now in process of prioritizing new product efforts based on findings from the customer journey research.

I admit that at first I wasn’t 100% sure why we were doing this. But now I understand! This is amazing!
— VP of Marketing
You know, one of our partners told us that, in general, we’re hard to do business with [for our customers]. This really highlights where our problems are and helps us understand why and how to fix them.
— VP of Beauty Systems Group


As a result of getting full stakeholder buy-in, the company reprioritized efforts to address the pain points their stylists, store owners, and departments were experiencing.


Mobile-first thinking


Create efficiencies


Educate and grow talent

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